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Sunday, 4 June 2017

60 cm Fish

Getting our fair share. 60cm plus fish most trips including this morning at 4am.
Excuse the quality, was very lowlight.

A few posts back I mentioned the damage a 7lb and a 10lb fish did to my Feed Shallow Mullet hooks last season.  Back on the 24th May at 3.30am  I clipped on a White FS retrieved from my box of doom, when fishing a mark my partner in crime stated just seconds earler could throw up a personal best that morning.  Three casts later it tried to oblige, the smash, the pause, the massive head-shakes and then the charge for freedom. I let it do as it wanted, very aware I hadn't changed the hooks on the FS. Three times I got the fish back, my partner tried mouthing it when I had it at his side, but the lure was across its mouth, so the only option was to walk it 100 yards back to the beach. Now my partner has had plently of doubles, and he put its weight well in excess of 12lb, more likely mid-teen, but he was good enough not to tell me that. Half-way back to the beach when the hooks straightened, he did.  It didnt make me feel any better.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Early Start

After a good few trips chasing hunches and failing miserably this morning at 4am things started coming good.  5 Fish the best of which went around 60 cm, all on the Candy Komono II

Sunday, 9 April 2017

9.4.17 Season Starts

So on an extremely sunny and warm spring morning a 54cm falls victim to the Zonk

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

DFR Entice 9' 6

Thought I'd add another rod the the Arsenal, the DFR custom made Entice,  9'6 , 6-28g.  Gotta love Richard Cakes work.  If its half the rod my ST Croix is, I'll be more than happy.
This is my 4th DFR, 3rd custom made, and I've had doubles on the previous 3, so no pressure on the Entice.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Photoshopping Fish Photo's.

Apart from the black line coming off the back of the fish, isn't that arm a bit odd............................

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Screaming Stella.

With the extra hour, having put the clocks back, its was up to a pretty new mark for me. The absence of other anglers was a welcome surprise, and the 2nd cast producing a 67cm fish even better.

When inspecting the Feed-Shallow I noticed 2 of the hooks were bent out. I bent them right and carried on. 5 Casts later I hooked into something much bigger,  and against a tight drag the fish made  a 50 meter , bent hook memory joggin run. There's 2 ways to go when this happens, end the fight quickly or go gentle. I went the wimp way.  10 minutes later, 76cm of Bass slid up the beach. Measured and Photographed she went back strongly, splashing me with a tail slap. The photo shows how fat she was, and while I never weighed her I reckons she made it over 10 lb. The Feed-Shallow didn't fair so well, one hook completely snapped off, one bent right out, although the hook in the fish's scissors was completely OK. I've always considered Bass clean fighters, but I do wonder if that Bass tried to knock the hooks out against a rock. !!!   Anyhow, best fight a Bass has ever put up on my rod.

This red-letter day hasn't been exceptional in Kent this year. I know of at least 15 doubles coming out to lures, yet these are very rarely mentioned on Forums.  The WSF lure fishing Forum used to be the place informed practicing anglers shared catch reports and tactics. Now its full of caught nothing keyboard warriors spouting their ill informed opinions. You get it in all walks of life, the pratt who thinks if he hangs onto an expert long enough some of his reputation will rub off on them. If they talk long enough somebody will listen. If they stack enough chairs at the AGM they're part of the management team. Bless em.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

I caught my first fish from here 22 years ago when I was 11, and last night I went back there and caught some more. Why did I wait 22 years to revisit a mark that always held fish and is 5 minutes from home. 
Answer.   Because I'm a pratt.