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Thursday, 28 June 2012

79cm...11lb off the top, 27.6.12

Got the chance to get a couple of hours in this evening, with the wind dropping to nearly nothing, and the water starting to clear after a few days of strong gales.

 Started working a GunFish in the flattish surface and was rewarded with a nice 2lb fish which gave a good account of itself. Moved along to the rocky area and started working my way out onto the reef covering new and clearer water. About the 5th cast I decided to put one along side the exposed rocks, and 40 yards out a big fish hit the GunFish hard. I could immediately see this fish was something special, and 3 times it got me behind massive boulders scrapping the braid as it thumped seaward. No great runs, just the constant head-shaking and use of its weight. Finally I had no choice other then to tighten down the drag and Horse the girl over several rock formations and to the base of the rock I was standing on.

My inital appraisal of this being something special was confirmed and when breaking my camera after 2 shots and having to revert to the iphone, I felt the need to get the fish back into the water asap. Five minutes spent reviving her in a large rockpool, then I lifted her into the sea and she swam off strongly.

Only regret. Joe was fishing close by, but didnt answer his phone. I should have kept her in the Rockpool til I got Joe, then I would have had the glory shot. ,

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A very wet Dorset 5.6.12

Joe and I left Kent at 1am to meet up with Mark at 4. The plan was to fish a mark that I'd never seen a fish come out of, so confidence wasn't high. 3 Fish in half an hour changed my view, then Joe started catching and finally so did Mark.  10 fish between us to 2lb, we moved onto site 2, having met up with Martin H and Carl from Somerset.
 The second mark looked ideal, Joe and I heading left and the others right. 2 Hours later we were in the Cafe having not added to our tally. Onto the 3rd mark which again looked spot on, but only produced a few Mackerel.
The fourth venue started fishing immediately, my first fish was a little bigger, and the average crept up to around 2.5 lb. Mark started closing the gap, Joe look the lead on the Bass count, Carl had 3 on softs and the rain got heavier. Then Mark hooked a better fish which gave a good account of itself in the strong current, and when beached measured 57cm.  A few fish later I had a 3 lb schoolie, and at the death landed a 61 cm on a Pearl Gateride.
Final scores   Joe and I 7 each, Mark 6, Carl 3, Martin had a bad day.

Excuse the photo, Mark again behind the Lens, but it was pissing down.