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Sunday, 4 June 2017

60 cm Fish

Getting our fair share. 60cm plus fish most trips including this morning at 4am.
Excuse the quality, was very lowlight.

A few posts back I mentioned the damage a 7lb and a 10lb fish did to my Feed Shallow Mullet hooks last season.  Back on the 24th May at 3.30am  I clipped on a White FS retrieved from my box of doom, when fishing a mark my partner in crime stated just seconds earler could throw up a personal best that morning.  Three casts later it tried to oblige, the smash, the pause, the massive head-shakes and then the charge for freedom. I let it do as it wanted, very aware I hadn't changed the hooks on the FS. Three times I got the fish back, my partner tried mouthing it when I had it at his side, but the lure was across its mouth, so the only option was to walk it 100 yards back to the beach. Now my partner has had plently of doubles, and he put its weight well in excess of 12lb, more likely mid-teen, but he was good enough not to tell me that. Half-way back to the beach when the hooks straightened, he did.  It didnt make me feel any better.