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Thursday, 31 May 2012

First fish of the year from Kent

Had my first trip out this year in Kent, never seen the water so clear. Fished from 1920hrs til 2200hrs and again in the same Bay I saw a Salmon leap last year tonight a big Sea Trout did the same.

Had a small schoolie on a Pearl Gataride and at last light a 2 lb fish on a Patchinko.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

First of the year

After a very slow start to the year Joe and I left home at 1 O'clock to make first light in Dorset. One hours sleep ahead of a 3 hour drive, a 45 minute walk and a 5 hour stint over Purbecks assult course was never going to be enough, but at least I finally christened the new 9.5 St Croix my wife thinks cost peanuts. We did make first light, unlike Mark and Richard, who live much much closer.

Things started well, a near 3lb fish to me, a duplicate minutes later to Joe, 1 mini Bass to 333, ( it shouldn't really count) and Richard had the consulation that we caught using his Rods.  ( He didn't).Then the wind got up, it got cold, and we went for breakfast. We never went back. 

Note to self. Never let Mark take the fish shot.