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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

2014, it's nearly over.

There was a plan, a crap plan according to the wife, that Joe and I would shoot down to Weymouth Boxing day, get a Double each, and be back before anyone noticed. Unfortunately the wind is now forecast to go East and the only plus is the family think I'm not going because of them.

Shore fishing has taken a backseat this year to fishing from the RIB. Spending the sort of money we have on it meant we had to use it. Nine Doubles, plenty of 8-9lb class fish, Dolphins at sunset, ease of fishing all suggest it's now our first choice for a day out. But in reality it was the first fish of the season, at first light from a rock mark at 7lb that gave me the biggest rush. The flat seas at Sunset when the fish smash a topper,  or bringing back a shallow diver though the surf when everything locks up are still moments that can never be beaten on the RIB. You have to work for every shore fish, often aching days after from miles on shingle or life risking climbs in and out of marks. The fish from the RIB just hurt the pocket.

So, with a days Holiday to use up and no chance of a Bass, it was a long walk along a deserted beach, a Pub Lunch, and assuring the Family Christmas wouldn't be a one day Holiday (unless the winds swings back around).

Best Fish of the year,

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Late season Fish

Out the 21st November with Malcolm on Chesil, HT at 0545hrs meant an early start. Didn't expect much, but when the light came up the fish came on, virtually all on the Megabass Pearl Gataride. 11 to me and 9 to Malc, nothing of size, but nice to put a bend in the rod.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Back in Kent

With Joe and Mark away in Eire, a break in the weather today with wind forecast at 5MPH westerly, I thought a shore mark may have cleared sufficiently. The wind was more like 15MPH, the water was just the wrong side of clear and I nearly turned around and walked back to the car.

Glad I didn't as after an hour I had this little schoolie, at around 1.5lb on a white waveworm 5 meters from the shore.

Working my way back to the car I had a fish on for around 20 seconds having taken the Vulture. When it come off I cast out again and as the lure reached the exact point it was intercepted on the previous cast, again it was taken, by this 3 pounder. Nothing moved in the area for the next 10 minutes which re-enforced my belief that it was the same fish that took me a second time. Considering the bend it put in the rod the first time, theres no doubt it knew it was hooked, yet up it came again. Must have been starving.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Fell for it.

Out with Joe and Mark a few days ago, light Westerlies, big tide, perfect for a decent fish we thought. But the fishing was slow, Mark has just the one, Joe takes 3, best just over 9LB, I break another rod and we're well past the best of the fishing.  So when the spare boat rod with the backbone of Roy Hodgson slams around I was a bit surprised, but after a few minutes stalemate the fish started seeing my point of view and was welcomed aboard. 80cm on the tape, nice condition, Joe took its photo.

Now an Angling Publication has been showing some interest in our exploits. Photos have been submitted, but Joe wanted to get a couple of Portrait shots to complement  the usual Landscape format.
Joe takes a nice picture, worthy of any Front cover, so when he emailed me Saturday saying it was being used as a front cover of a new publication, not only was I not surprised, I was also a little bit pompous. I told friends my face would be on every newsagents shelf around the county, I forwarded the email to fellow anglers to put them in their place, I considered getting an Agent. The proof Joe sent me looked good.

My only defence, I was away so opened the PDF File on my iPhone.  It was only when I expanded the text at the bottom referring to my Fathers dubious line of work and observations about me swerving to miss a fictitious Rabbit in Ireland (no sleep for 3 days) ........wheeeers dat Wabbit .......I realised I wasn't to be the next Robson Green. Though it appears I'm as bigger W@$*%er as him.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Fish from the RIB

So down to just the 3 of us now as Malcolm withdrew from the group. No problem, as really its a 2 man fishing platform with one on the engine max.
Proving to be a big fish magnet, very few fish under 5LB, and without wishing to "tempt fate" always fish coming over the tubes. Went out yesterday with Joe, 7 Bass between us, 5 to 8LB, and I was fortunate to get this Hog, 76cm and the fattest Bass I've ever seen. Just note the stomach on it, absolutely solid.

Couple of other pics from the season, Joe and Mark, 2 x 13.5LB'ers  in there, nothing under 10LB.  8 doubles so far and counting, 9's, 8's don't get their photos taken, something special will be coming out soon.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The best looking Lures ever

Check out this site, this man's a genius.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Finally a fish for me off the RIB

After a few teething problems with the RIB it was finally seaworthy as I went to Cancun.  On arriving home the first news I receive is Joe and Mark hammered them the night before out on the boat, 2 fish in excess of 13lb, 2 over 11, 9 fish each and nothing under 5. They were out again next evening as I gave in to jet-lag, and did awesome again with Malc getting his first double, one of 2 landed.

So it was that Joe and I went down a week later, not really expecting to do as well, but hoping we'd get some fish. I wasn't easy, lots of milage looking for some, but eventually a couple of decent fish surrendered.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

First Trip 2014

Got out today for a couple of hours in Dorset before going down to Portland to work on the RIB.
With no Fish mentioned on any of the forums we felt we'd get amongst them.

Joe hit a fish after 20 minutes which fought well for what was meant to be a lean over-wintered spawned out  Bass. At 4.5 lb this fish showed none of the signs of winter fasting and looked more like a back end fish, well fed and reeved up.

Pressure on, so I caught one as well, again in Prime condition showing no winter weight-loss. 67 cm on the tape, around 7 lb, and hopefully a good omen for the coming season,

Spent the rest of the day crammed into the Bilge Tank, re-wiring the RIB.

Monday, 17 March 2014

In the water

2 weeks after we handed over the money the RIB was put in the water. Still a couple more weeks before it goes on the mooring,  but the 4 of us just had to give it a run out ( and optimistically took the rods too).
Captain Joe.!

This thing really shifts, and surprisingly takes on very little spray flat out.  Visited several marks around Portland, Weymouth and had a few casts around the Harbour.  Just a few Pollock to show for our efforts fishing wise, but the outing high-lighted the few minor adjustments we need to make before it becomes our ultimate Bass Fishing Platform. Still need to fit the compass, Navigation lights and the new Dragon-fly plotter which looks awesome. Cant wait for the Bass to arrive.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Nothing is out of casting range now.

Another approach, for those days when the fish are just out of reach.  Expensive option, but just can't chuck a Dexter.

Syndicate of 4, picking it up next week. Ex diving rib, few Mods and a fully kitted- out Bass Boat due for first trip mid March.