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Monday, 29 September 2014

Fell for it.

Out with Joe and Mark a few days ago, light Westerlies, big tide, perfect for a decent fish we thought. But the fishing was slow, Mark has just the one, Joe takes 3, best just over 9LB, I break another rod and we're well past the best of the fishing.  So when the spare boat rod with the backbone of Roy Hodgson slams around I was a bit surprised, but after a few minutes stalemate the fish started seeing my point of view and was welcomed aboard. 80cm on the tape, nice condition, Joe took its photo.

Now an Angling Publication has been showing some interest in our exploits. Photos have been submitted, but Joe wanted to get a couple of Portrait shots to complement  the usual Landscape format.
Joe takes a nice picture, worthy of any Front cover, so when he emailed me Saturday saying it was being used as a front cover of a new publication, not only was I not surprised, I was also a little bit pompous. I told friends my face would be on every newsagents shelf around the county, I forwarded the email to fellow anglers to put them in their place, I considered getting an Agent. The proof Joe sent me looked good.

My only defence, I was away so opened the PDF File on my iPhone.  It was only when I expanded the text at the bottom referring to my Fathers dubious line of work and observations about me swerving to miss a fictitious Rabbit in Ireland (no sleep for 3 days) ........wheeeers dat Wabbit .......I realised I wasn't to be the next Robson Green. Though it appears I'm as bigger W@$*%er as him.

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