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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Kent East Coast, 25.9.11

After a few weeks break for various un-avoidable reasons, it was the first chance I'd had to try Joe Sepi's favourite Kent  mark. Knowing JS was in Dorset I thought I'd have the place to myself, and so it was until Joes mate Tony turned up. Tony pointed me to the various hotspots, but none of them produced on the day. With an increasing wind colouring the water and the Indian Summer conditions things didn't look good.

Coming to the back end my first season my new ability to read the water for myself, and the confidence gained from fishing with experts has certainly increased my catch rate. So it wasn't a total surprise that choosing a spot for myself and switching to the smaller 77 Hot Shad Zonk resulted in a solid hookup.
With the fish taking line against a tightish drag I thought it would be twice the size of its 2.5lb, but a Bass is a Bass and I was more than happy.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Back in Dorset, 4.9.11

Having caught 2 fish in Dorset 5 days previous, (both Schoolies) I couldn't wait to get back again. Not letting the 1am start from home put me off, the lack of sleep, the 12 hours straight fishing, nor the rain and mist forecast, we were on our way and those Bass were in trouble. (Well, 2 more schoolies were).

I have been rubbing shoulders with some of the UK's Bassing elite lately. Mark 333 Padfield,  Joe Seppi and on this trip Graham Hill. Even with just 5 fish between the 3 of us, (Adrian had the best at around 4lb) the experience was well worth the effort. The amount you learn from fishing and listening to people who excel in their field is priceless. You can learn more in a day with Anglers of this quality then you would in years fishing on your own. Real Fisherman, who have respect for the fish, worth a million Key Board Wannabes. And the best bit, all the real fisherman I've meet of late have been great Company. You dont need to be a Prima Donna when you can actually do it. Couple of Pics Graham took, making some small Bass look bigger. Qualitys pics if not fish.....