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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Dorset Experience 29.8.11

Arranged to Meet Mark 333 and Joe Sepi at first one mark, then another, and finally nailed it to a 3rd due to constant updates from Marks intelligence network.( It's like MI5........with fish.) . A 0345hrs start ensured no sleep for me and the 3 hour drive made things no better...... and there was still the 8 miles of hiking over shingle, 12 hours hard fishing and the 4 hour bank holiday drive home to look forward to. ( I don't understand why Marks such a chubby with all that hiking).

Anyway, long story short, great company, great workout , crap fishing. 4 Fish between us, nothing of size, but managed to get an action shot of Mark and this schoolie. On the plus side you always learn lots when fishing with people like Adrian and Mark, and the clarity of the water in Dorset breaks your heart every time....  Going back soon.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


 After the waters around Kent being coloured for the past 2 weeks it was nice to arrive at the Mark at HT to find the colour acceptable. What wasn't acceptable was the bright sunshine.  Killed it dead, not a take, but a 15lb plus Salmon leapt clear of the water 30 yards in front of me, giving me unrealistic expectations for a while.

4 Hours after HT and walking back to the car I left the rod up and waders on, something I never usually do as its a long long walk. With the light fading and the sea settled I thought I'd have a couple of chucks with a Sammy. 5 casts and 2 schoolies later a blank was saved. Walking on 30 yards to try some new water, on the 2nd cast and for the first time, the clutch on the reel was finally tested. The Rareium and Fish Dorset rod did everything they said they would, and I was suprised how quickly I had the fish beaten, a PB on the plug for me, 6lb 1oz, and off the top.   Does it get any better.............