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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Back in Kent

With Joe and Mark away in Eire, a break in the weather today with wind forecast at 5MPH westerly, I thought a shore mark may have cleared sufficiently. The wind was more like 15MPH, the water was just the wrong side of clear and I nearly turned around and walked back to the car.

Glad I didn't as after an hour I had this little schoolie, at around 1.5lb on a white waveworm 5 meters from the shore.

Working my way back to the car I had a fish on for around 20 seconds having taken the Vulture. When it come off I cast out again and as the lure reached the exact point it was intercepted on the previous cast, again it was taken, by this 3 pounder. Nothing moved in the area for the next 10 minutes which re-enforced my belief that it was the same fish that took me a second time. Considering the bend it put in the rod the first time, theres no doubt it knew it was hooked, yet up it came again. Must have been starving.

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