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Sunday, 13 April 2014

First Trip 2014

Got out today for a couple of hours in Dorset before going down to Portland to work on the RIB.
With no Fish mentioned on any of the forums we felt we'd get amongst them.

Joe hit a fish after 20 minutes which fought well for what was meant to be a lean over-wintered spawned out  Bass. At 4.5 lb this fish showed none of the signs of winter fasting and looked more like a back end fish, well fed and reeved up.

Pressure on, so I caught one as well, again in Prime condition showing no winter weight-loss. 67 cm on the tape, around 7 lb, and hopefully a good omen for the coming season,

Spent the rest of the day crammed into the Bilge Tank, re-wiring the RIB.

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