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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

2014, it's nearly over.

There was a plan, a crap plan according to the wife, that Joe and I would shoot down to Weymouth Boxing day, get a Double each, and be back before anyone noticed. Unfortunately the wind is now forecast to go East and the only plus is the family think I'm not going because of them.

Shore fishing has taken a backseat this year to fishing from the RIB. Spending the sort of money we have on it meant we had to use it. Nine Doubles, plenty of 8-9lb class fish, Dolphins at sunset, ease of fishing all suggest it's now our first choice for a day out. But in reality it was the first fish of the season, at first light from a rock mark at 7lb that gave me the biggest rush. The flat seas at Sunset when the fish smash a topper,  or bringing back a shallow diver though the surf when everything locks up are still moments that can never be beaten on the RIB. You have to work for every shore fish, often aching days after from miles on shingle or life risking climbs in and out of marks. The fish from the RIB just hurt the pocket.

So, with a days Holiday to use up and no chance of a Bass, it was a long walk along a deserted beach, a Pub Lunch, and assuring the Family Christmas wouldn't be a one day Holiday (unless the winds swings back around).

Best Fish of the year,

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