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Wednesday, 4 February 2015


So the EU has seen fit to suddenly stop pair trawling for the rest of the year for Bass, and thats got to be a good thing. It offers protection to Bass down in the Southern Approaches of the English Channel spawning, (well, those that haven't already been caught this season) and the acknowledgment by the EU that there is a problem with Bass Stocks.  There is also a proposal of a 3 fish recreational limit and a increase in the minimum size limit for recreational anglers, no bad thing either.

So my prediction,

1. Bass Prices will increase.
2.Recreational netting will increase, but at least they come under the heading of recreational anglers and can only take the same as Rod and Line Anglers
3. Recreational netting will go completely un-policed.
4. The pair trawling will be reinstated within 2 years

Hope I'm wrong,  would be great to see a fishery recovery on par with the Striped Bass in the States. Trouble is while we say Americans are a greedy race, we are greedier and stupider.

Did the Irish Bass Festival back in July, 6 of us went. Had a few fish, best at 64cm was never going to worry the leaders. As much as I enjoy it I think that will be my last one.

 Don't think this sort of event lends itself to group fishing, 6 blokes scrambling to get to the best marks, (and rooms), shouting across the water to each other, lights on and off.  Stealth is king on these deserted rugged coastlines where light pollution is non-existent, especially at night, when collectively we caught hardly anything with nearly all our fish coming in daylight. Anyway, only remember it because I found this pic on the camera earlier today

 If you get a chance to go, do it. Great Comp

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