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Sunday, 24 July 2011

24/7/11. KENT

Having had a day with Mark Padfield down in Dorset a few days previous picking up some pointers, it was time to start trying a few of the marks I'd discovered during the past few weeks.

  So it was I left home at a time I'd normally be coming in, and was set up and ready to fish at the top of the tide.................... 0530hrs. With the tide dropping and the mark being particually snaggy I started with Popper's and Patchinka's, but the strong cross-wind made them difficult to work. I changed to shallow divers, slowing the retrieve to nothing as they came over the shallowest rocks.    

   Three hours after HT and bang, fish on a Zonk Gararide YoRo YoRo in Pearl. After a spirited fight a 2 pounder was landed and released. A few casts later a much better fish shot out from behind a rock and only its lack of commitment ment my best plug caught fish remained at 2lb.

   So having only recently starting plugging, the last 3 trips have given me 3,3,and a single. Nothing of size, but learning all the time.

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