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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

It's not always BASS

Just back from a fortnight in Mexico and while there thought I'd have a go for a Tarpon on the Fly. Not the biggest fish in the world, but these things really go, and they also come off with frustrating regularity. ( I was told after if you land one in 10 you've done quite well).
First trip and after a Barracuda and a Jack, finally had a fish of around 5 lb, and a few moves later added another 2 to the tally. That was when we moved to the mouth of a Channel that I hooked and lost five 25lb fish in quick succession. One was on for 2 minutes and jumped 4 times so I was sure he was well hook, but it wasn't the case.

Second trip didn't go so well. Moved a decent fish, cast to several others, ( you have to hit them right on the nose) and was optimistic until first the biggest electrical storm I'd ever seen moved in,( the guide thought I should continue fishing) and then the engine packed up. With the light failing the guide punted us a good mile back to the same Channel we'd visited the previous trip, and in complete darkness the guide put me blindly into the best fish of the trips, at 10 lb.  I've caught many big reservoir trout, but this is something completely different       

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