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Monday, 12 August 2013

It should have been awesome

Back down Dorset to fish a mark that was going to fire, and didn't. First light, and the conditions just weren't quite right, but we gave it a go and all four of us caught, the minimum. Moved on to a different mark with a quick breakfast on the way, Joe being the only one of us adding to his tally.

 So with Mark having commitments in the afternoon, Malcolm and Frodo departed. Quick coffee at Chesil Bait and Tackle, a few more lures added to the rucksack, and on to mark 3.

Conditions were far from ideal, Mediterranean conditions, but as soon as we arrived a fish moved. Straight on with the Bone Gunfish, 3rd cast, and finally I hit a fish that pulled back. At a plump 55 cm to the fork of the tail, a fish of just over 4lb. Spirited fight, but I did everything right apart from getting a photo that did it justice. I seem to have the knack of making fish look half their actual size.

And that was the last of the action, we fished on without a touch.

Beach Sculpture

Why does this piece make me feel uncomfortable ?

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