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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Off the top, again. 16.8.12

Met at first light in Dorset, Joe, Mark333, Mark 11 and me.  Went straight to Mark 1, but the water was coloured and the sea was wild. Went onto Mark 2, but there wasn't any fish at Mark 2. Finally at 0700hrs arrived at Mark 3, Joe, Mark 333, Mark MK 11, and me.

Gave it 20 minutes working sub-surface lures without a take, while Mark 333 and Joe both picked up a fish each using the same. In my last post I stated the Gunfish was a quality surface lure and so it proved again today. 3 Casts after putting it on the surface exploded, ( Mark 333 reckoned he'd never seen a take like it) ( I had, see 79cm fish)   and after the best fight I'd had off a Bass, lasting all of 10 minutes, Mark got into the swell and landed my fish, 68cm, 7lb 2 oz. 

Moved around to a few other Marks during the day,but the 3 of us only finished with just 3 a piece. The guided client, Mark 11 Cider did much better with 9.                                                                       24

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