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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Summers Evening in Kent

Snuck off work early today and was on the mark at 6pm, 90 minutes after high tide. The sun remained bright right through to sunset, but as soon as it went the fish started taking the surface lures. First 2 to the Patchinko 100 500g, a mini version of the Patchinko II. People in the know are raving about the Sandeel pattern, but I was using the reddish Brown one with the pink underbody. First time out and 2 fish.

Then on went the Gunfish,  had 3 in quick succession, hooked into and immediately lost a fish of around 5lb, had a couple of other offers that didnt stick. The old faithful still cant be beaten. Class


  1. basstastic, i,ve never had much joy lure fishing for any spieces, but your blog is giving me hope. tight lines

  2. Hi Eddie, there's loads of Bass that are catchable on lures around Kent. The fun is finding them, Good Luck