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Sunday, 14 October 2012

The last Month

Had a trip to Devon mid September and decided to ditch the diving in favour of some fishing. Tried a spot called Baggy Point, and bumped into Devon Guide, Joel Squires.  He was out with a customer and on the day they failed to catch, and I managed to match them. A stiff onshore, coloured water and ground  that made you plan your escape before you went near the water made life interesting.

A week later and we were back in Dorset, a favourite rock-mark at first light. Joe snatched a 4lb fish right on cue and added another later in the day, plus a Schoolie. The quality fish were all Joe's with Tony having just the one, and me having 4, 3 on the GunFish and one on the Black Minnow 

Had a trip out today in Kent, not a thing. Fished Surface Lures without the slightest interest, although the sea was slightly more coloured then I'd like and the Sun shone throughout. At this time of year you feel your fishing for just the odd fish in Kent, but hopefully that fish will be worth the effort. The big girls must be prowling the ledges and that's what will keep me looking.

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