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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

G4's and Garfish

Putting the clocks back an hour meant I laid awake til 4 o'clock, or was it 3 o'clock, trying to work out if I was an hour early or an hour late picking Joe up. So much for the extra hours sleep.  First light on Portland and both straight into a Pollock each. Why do I always forget to tighten the drag when Pollock are on the cards, straight into the rocks where it sat for 5 minutes before it swam free. I'd never caught a Gar before, but 30 minutes after the Sun came up I'd had 10, and so we moved on.
Met up with Martin and Steve, and after a quick breakfast was on Chesil and expecting great things. A call from Mark fishing with numerous Dorset Bass Rods  dulled our enthusiasm  with only a smuttering of fish between them. Hard work paid off to a degree, Joe and I having 6 each, the best going to Joe at 57cm. My best pushing 3LB had its picture taken.  Handsome Bitch.  But not as handome as me in my new G4 Simms, purchased from the USA as a pair of G3's, and sent by mistake.  £287 for a pair of G4's, awesome.      

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