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Monday, 19 November 2012

Playing catch-up, 10.11.12

Joe felt conditions were bang on in Dorset for a Saturday session, as he put it "we'd be silly to miss it". 
Things looked perfect, clear water and only the 2 of us on the mark. An hour and a half later we both felt we had completely mis-read it. It was with that thought going through my mind that I looked up to see Joe finally into a fish. Two minutes later I started to think he's making a meal of this one, but a couple of minutes later I started to give him the benefit of the doubt. Starting walking towards him I steadidly increased my pace as the fight dragged on. 5 minutes later I arrived just as Joe surfed this 9 lb fish onto the single.

Check out the O ring on that centre hook, totally wrecked, as was the treble. First major fish we'd heard of on the newly arrived Gunfish 135, just change the metalwork before use. To say Joe was thrilled was an understatement, mission accomplished, and always a little sweeter when off the top.

Fish safely returned 10 minutes later I had a schoolie of around 2 lb, and I commented to Joe how well it has fought. 5 minutes after that I hooked into something that really wanted a fight. With my  Gataride 20 foot from the shore everything locked up then started heading towards France. Against a very tight drag it kept going and going, run after run, back and forth along the gully until a larger wave gave me the opportunity to crest it onto the beach. At 7 lb not a match for Joe's, but a great consulation fish.  Swam off like Micheal Phelps on speed.

Fished on for a couple of more fish each, best I had a little over 3 lb. What was noticable though was how well all the fish went, even the schoolies. Great Day Out.
And a couple of idiots on a certain forum question why we make the trip...........................

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  1. What a great session Dave.... that's a hell of a booby prize fish at 7lb! Well deserved for the miles put in too.